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Magical Moments

By Sarah Dee

Sarah loves to work with each client to leverage her creative skills to curate custom events. She and her team pride themselves in delivering elevated experiences. Each detail is considered and tailored to each clients desire and event. We offer not only elevated picnic services, and special proposal set ups,  but also full service events such as weddings with traditional table sizes and chairs.

Every package is completely customizable and tailored to you, including the food with consideration to dietary restrictions and requirements. We also encourage our clients to customize the menu to their desire, as we aim to please. All food items are carefully prepared and made with fresh ingredients. 

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Our Photographers

Each photographer was hand selected based on high quality work and a breadth of experience.

Valentiono Valladares


Valentino is skilled in capturing the best angles and small details, in addition to premium videography and reels skills. He also offers drone and other special elements that help capture the moment in the most epic ways that you'd want to share with the world.

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David Quiroga


David knows how to capture the magic in the moments through his understanding of leveraging lighting and combined with his editing skills, the final shot looks mystical. He works exceptionally well with shy, more reserved clientele and helps them to naturally open up with his warmth and fun demeanor.

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Our Violinists & Sax Players

Actively sourcing a team. Please check back shortly for updates.

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